Expanded Services

We are now working on two new areas of service to our customers.

First, is a traditional Black Smithing operation using a coal-fired forge turning out original designs in steel.

Second, we are now set up and casting aluminum in both the sand and lost wax process.



A long-time Alaskan owned company, Metal Magic is capable of providing a wide range of fabricating and welding services. With our experience and knowledge, every job is first class. Metal Magic looks forward to working with you.

Some of Metal Magic's Projects:

Oil Field:

HVAC Ducting, Heat Exchangers, Heliclones, Stainless Flare Nozzles, Stainless Tanks, Tool Boxes, Control Boxes, Fan Shrouds, Exhaust Tubes, Pipe Coils, Winch Guards, Hand Rails, Staircase, Walkways, Skids & Wind Walls


Structural Columns, Beams, Beam Hangers, Concrete Forms, Truck Frame Extensions, Flat Beds, Trailers, Fabricated Tool Boxes, Stainless Restaurant Tables and Shelving, Range Hoods, Fuel Tanks, Security Doors and Window Bars.


Complete Boat Remodels, Flying Bridges, Keel Coolers, Reels, Fish Boxes, Trays, Pans, Fuel Tanks, Antenna Masts, Consoles and Trailers


Spiral Staircase, Hand Rails, Doors, Beds, Fireplace Hoods, Wood/Cook stoves and Pan Racks, Satellite Dish Mounts, Ornamental Fixtures, Tables

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